Monday, April 27, 2009

ER,church,hotel party,desperate housewives and othrs.

sooo. day one of week of my 2 week hiatus lol. so imma try and make this in order. so first friday. omg i did amazing on my english presentation. that i started and pretty much did the day of. nextt i pretty much just read comics and pretty much did nothing. it was soooo fun. not to mention my aunt dorn cam over so yay. lol next, saturday i spent the whole day doing yard work (not fun) and cutting down tree limbs with a chainsaw (FUNNN). my aunt came with FOOD! that was like amazing. pound cake, banana and walnut cake. everything soo gud. so then i went a hotel party. now that wass interesting. i got there and its was soooo awkward. my bros (adam) friends and his sister was there, and it was kinda weird. but once we startedd doing shots and shit everything became much easier. handstands, never have i ever, and pizza were just a few things we did. i was drunk. i have no idea how i made it to church in one piece. my head was fine, thank god for small miracles lol. pretty much after that its been desperate housewives( love that show btw) E.R (meh)and getting physical. not funn. so my sister is bbeing a bitch rite now so i have to go. fml

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