Saturday, May 9, 2009

duma key

so stepthen king. persoanlly i think that he is the shit. i mean all his books are freakishly scary. sure they tend to be horror and sure he doesnt seem to be able change that but hey if it aint broken dont fix it lol. as you can see waking up at 6:30am and getting to skool for 9 after 2 weeks of litearlly being in hibernation has turned my brain to mush. yay me! my head hurts, eyes burning and i think my phone bill is going to be late. correction i am positive it will be. neways back to the book. so this guy gets into a construction accident and loses his right arm and most of his left brain. or was it right? i cant remember. anyways he pretty much loses his memory. words, things, ppl, etc. after a year or maybe 6 months (everything is fuzzy stupid sleep i want you back!)he got divorced after trying to choke his wife, and not rememembering. which sucks bigtime. imagine not rememebering doing anything and always being mad. be pretty scary. oh wow i am sooo dead like -500000000000000 beyond empty. anyways so he goes to this florida key/beach rite. and he starts painting. like really gud paintings. only his paintings show him stuff, and start to make things happen. like he knows who his daughter's fiance is before she tells him. he knows about his ex-wife's fuck buddies. and he knows that one of them is planning on killing themself. and all of this he paints,draws, sketchs,etc. then he starts doing more. he killed a murder-rapist by drawing him without a face. (that is pretty cool i must admit. that would be a sick super power.) and he first removed a bullet from his friends head (turns out he suffered the same brain injury that edgar did, the guy without the arm. he had a sorta telepathy thingy going on that was amplyfied by duma key just like edgars painting is.) by painting it and gave him back his sight, all by drawing it. thats pretty much as far as ive gotten but it is seriously amazing. this is more of me rambling becasue of lack of sleepp. and i just realized that this is labeled as saturday wen i actually did it on tuesday lool

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