Thursday, May 14, 2009

8 am class should be illegal

ugh. ok so i just finished class like an hiur ago but still its way too fucking early. i know i sound like a little brat but its true. im just not used to getting up this early. on the brightside i had my first culture of photography class. I loved it! we get to work with black and white pics and i dunno they just seem amazing to me. i dunno im weird like that. i swear tim hortons is going to kill me. like their coffee is shit now. i got my fucking cold! lol
on more important note i am in some deep shit. i realized that i am actually seriously broke. i mean between my phone bill, my school books ( which is going to come up to say around 300 give or take, i hope its take lol), and running shoes i need for the gym, i wont have an money. and i really dont like asking for momey from my parents cuz they'll ask why, and make me squirm and make me feel tupid. plus times are hard so i feel kinda selfish. but w/e. oh and im finally planning on going to the gym at my skool! yay. planning on beefying up i mean i have the body, plus do some cardio. winter was nice to me i gained weight! if this seems weird that im happy let me explain. i weigh 150, 160 sopping wet with clothing. im not skinny or anorexic, i just dont gain weight. been like that since gr.9. lotta ppl hate me for it, well dont hate me but still its funny to rub in.
one last thing. i just realized sumthing about Sheridan. we have gay people, thats a given its an art school. thing is why is it like invisible, or underground. i tired soo hard to find our LGBT club and its like it doesnt exist. i got another number so imma try that on. but if not im going to the student help place cuz this is ridicoulous. but thats all. oh and i actually have a youtube channel. honestly i think youtube is one of the most powerful things in the world next to facebook of course lol but yeah seriously tho the one thing that really pisses me off is the fact that all the hot guys are str8 here. it annoying lool but w/e

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