Tuesday, April 7, 2009


some ppl hate that word. "help" it makes them feel weak, or indebted to someone. like if they do ask for help there is going to be a catch. others love it because it means you can exploit the person who needs, giving them conditional help, helping then only because it benefits you. personally i like the word help. its sobering. it makes me realize that im only human, not superhuman (as some would like you to believe). if i dont understand something, i dont feel stupid about it. i just ask for helpful. so what if it makes me look weak. so wat if it makes me look stupid. at the end of the day all that matters is me feeling gud about myself and the answer i got. when ppl ask me for helpful i dont hesitate to give it. if i dont understand then i try and find someone who does. i dont get caught up on "why are you asking me?" or "is this a joke you asking me for help" or "whats in it for me?" if someone is hurting, i try to make make them feel better. if someone is confused, i try and make them unconfused lol. it never always used to be like this. i used to never ask questions. i would just keep my mouth closed and suffer thru it. now i ask questions about everything. its like being a 4 yr old all over again. hahaha. it was wen i realized that NOT  asking questions was actually stupid that i started doing it. all i pretty have to say is dont be afraid to ask for help. and if you are ask me. because i wont judge you for it. i'll respect you even more. now excuse me while i go back to finishing this day/week of hell. fml lol

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