Thursday, April 9, 2009

not mad

im not mad. seriously. i just wish this wasnt happening you. i love him. hes like my brother. he IS my brother. but when he tlks like that. it scares me. he says hes weak.hes not. hes strong. he says he doesnt deserve my love and care. i think he deserves more, much more. but hes not listneing i wish he would understand you dont always have to look at the darkside of life. try and find light in it. i want to help him but i cant. i dont know wat to do when he talks like this. what am i suppose to say? "go ahead no one cares?" "do it. you'll be doing everyone a favour?" he can try and fool himself into thinking that but not me. thats bullshitt. i was up until 2am in the morning. and you know what? I WILL FUCKING DO IT AGAIN. i dont care if i have to stay awake all nite. i will help you. another thing. i dont him. i dont like him at all. hes hurting you. so forgive me if i sound a bit testy when you mention him. i know that this prolly not enuff but i dont carer im still going to do it. and im going to keep doing it. you are worth it. even if you dont believe so.

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