Monday, April 13, 2009

easter monday/psych after 2 weeks

sooo. psych class is back on. yay! and for some strange reason that is evading me at the momment im actually in the middle of the of the room. its weird not being at the top lol. there is- no was- a littel girl in the class buut she left. she was soooo cute. and i cannot type 2day. and my head is killing me cuz of these glasses which kinfda suks because taking them off will make me blindd! muahaha srry brain still hasnt reset itself lol im soooooooooo hungry its making me madd. and hungry. existentialsism is deppressing. being thought of as just the sum of my parts? wow kinda mechanical dont ya think. god i can pay attention its tooo early to listen to anything its ridicoulous( excuse my spelling). im rly reallly realllly trying but its just not happening. wow listening to this would make me really sad if i could pay attention. if we're all feeling lonely then we're all lonely together which i cud prolly handle. it is really going in onee ear and out the other. its just not sticking. great now im tired and im pretty sure im going to get sick soon, everyone just keeps coughing and coughing and sneezing.ok so wow i thought i just lost this whole blog thingy but i didnt so im gud. yeah i know thiis is just pretty a bunch of random shit. sooo immma finish this up lol bye

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