Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movie of the day

ok so I have been putting this off for sometime, but it is finally here! Harry Potter 6! Imma make it quick. FYI SPOILER ALERTS...so first of all it was all soo gud. I mean Harry, Ron and Hermione are all so grown up! Like they`re so mature-ish. I loved the beginning with the Death Eaters and all the smoke and flying and shit. Like honestly this is such a good way to show them, the smoke and weaving was amazing. Next, the part with Dumbledore and the whole teleporting thing (I know it is called something else but w/e) jks!. The whole love triangle between Ron, Lavender and Hermione was expertly pulled off. I loved the balance between playfulness and seriousness, like there is in really love situations. Dumbledore dying made me tear up, like for real. People actually cried it was so sad. Highlight of the movie: I have 2. Bellatrix was amazing I have already said this but did I mention that she is also going to be The Red Queen in the new Alice in Wonderland??? It is going to be amazing, even though its coming out in 2010, but w/e. Highlight 2 is the whole pincers thing, omg it was sooo funny. Lucky Harry reminded me of High Harry lol. Lowlight of the movie: pretty much the only thing I had to complain about was the fact that there was not many memories but oh well. Overall I give this movie 9 Cursed necklaces out of 10 Felix Felicis only because Bellatrix didn't get enough screen time :P

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