Monday, September 20, 2010

Bucket List ( Part 3)

recap time! Its September and I'm York so gonna add some more stuff.
get my g1(about time too)
watch all the english episodes of bleach, digimon(again), and sailor moon
watch every season of babylon 5 (1-5 and the movies)
hit the gym at least twice a week
better marks I`m at York so I must've done something right lol
pay the phone bill on time
get a new phone CRACKBERRY...and I named him Bob.
get a PS3, XBox, Wii
go to my pub more often
stop going to old navy(or get a job there)
get my ear pierced
have conversation with my brother that is at least 5 minutes in length
eat everything from the McDonalds menu at least once. including the breakfast menu
solve a rubix cube
gain 10 pounds
go to a club at least once
go to a gay club at least once lol (prolly not gonna happen)
go on the behemoth at wonderland( this is a huge one for me lol) I went on all of them boo yah!
Join an intramural club
Join the LGBT cclub
Join and get into Peace by Peace
Join the Christ for Campus

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