Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maine (Also Known As the state who loves to hate.)

Normally I don't do this. my pieces are very light and trivial. you know me complaining, I mean sharing my views on my family and stuff. But as a gay person, no as a human being, what Maine did on Nov. 4, was WRONG. In case you are wondering about what I am ranting about let me give you a quick rundown (and if you know what I am talking about please correct me if I am wrong.)
So back in May 6, 2009, same sex marriage was allowed in Maine. It was law, allowed, whatever you wanna say. Same sex marriage and "heterosexual marriage" were the same. It was recognized and people were happy. Well not everyone but we will get to that later. So for those amazing 6 months gay couples in Maine could get married and live happily ever after. They had all the rights as "normal" married have. It was gonna be official on September 11 but on Sept, 2 we find out that it was put on hold so that the opponents could veto it. Long story short, the gay-hating, religious despots won. They believed that gay marriage was an abomination and threatened the structure of marriage and society itself. On Nov. 3, the law was repealed. Their domestic partnership law still remains in effect but that's just a consolation prize. Wouldn't be surprised if they took that away too.
Some people are saying they saw it coming, why are we so surprised. Why are we surprised?! Maine just became another state in America to say "Hey fags we don't like you, respect you and think you are second-class citizens. And guess what? Now we are legally allowed to treat you like one". (Excuse my language, I know some of you might've found the "F" word offensive.) That is why we are surprised. We are surprised that people are able to be treated like this. We are surprised that America "Land of the Free" aren't allowing homosexuals to be quite that free. Some of you might say we have come along way in the last 50+ years. To those people I say one thing: Not enough. Sure we made progress in many places. Canada for instance, where gay marriage is legal. Britan is pro-gay. Britan for godsake! I'm gonna cut this short because soon it's just going to be me swearing and telling people where to shove. My point is this cannot stand. As one of my favorite blogs, Gay Family Values, says "Apathy is killing us." If we just keep taking it and taking, soon we won't be able to anymore on account of us being dead. I'm not telling you guys you should go out there and burn churches, and start rioting and stuff. Instead begin by getting more informed. Read the news, blog, let people know how you feel. Do something, anything. And to all those people who think Maine is on the right path, this is for you.

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